Isaiah was an ancient Hebrew prophet in Israel who spoke truth to power and galvanized the faithful to enact God’s righteousness and justice within their society.  We believe that this passage from the book of Isaiah captures the heart of why we work for justice and righteousness today.

Based on this verse, we identified five verbs that describe the kinds of things we can do to be part of this righteousness and justice...


LEARN to do good

We have a responsibility to educate ourselves and others. This includes learning and teaching the biblical and theological principles of justice, about specific justice issues, and how to do community organizing, advocacy, activism, and engage with institutions and people in power.


SEEK justice

We must engage those in power. This requires developing the moral courage to speak to elected officials, heads of businesses, institutions, and other seats of power. It requires us to call for laws and policies that enact the principles of God's justice and righteousness.


RESCUE the oppressed

There are times when we must engage in direct emergency action, mobilizing to meet the immediate needs of those whose lives, health or well-being are threatened. This includes setting up networks of communication to engage in direct action in local communities.


DEFEND the orphan

We are called to protect those who are most vulnerable in our society. This requires identifying the factors and complex issues that threaten the well-being, health, and lives of vulnerable people and communities. It also means setting up networks of communication to become more aware of factors that are contrary to God's principles of righteousness and justice.


ADVOCATE for the widow

We must advocate for and with those in need by joining with the oppressed to magnify our voices for change. It means standing alongside and accompanying each other in the long-term work of sustainable change and abiding with those in need and with fellow justice-seekers through prayer, spiritual sustenance, and encouragement.




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